How to make your blog eligible for AdSense

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Make your new blog eligible for AdSense

In this blog, I am going to explain the important metrics that you must consider while starting a blog. So, that you will be able to understand and follow them easily to make your website ready for Google AdSense approval.

Google AdSense

1. Find a popular Domain name

Many newbies don’t consider much on a domain name. But the fact is, it is the most important factor of a blog. There are several domains available which you can purchase from several hosting platforms. If you are purchasing a domain then you should focus on a popular one like .com, .in, or .org. which are the most popular ones than all other domains. And while choosing a domain name. I suggest you check it on the hosting sites and choose the popular one which is available on the internet. I recommend not choosing the longer domain names.

2. Organize your blog site

 At first, we have to make your website organized and easy to navigate. It is essential to have a logo, menu bar, favicon, and pages like about us, terms, policies, and contact us. Now, what does ‘easy to navigate’ means. Let’s say you are a visitor of my blog and now you are visiting my blog and you are going to see an interface, now you want to get some information about my blog site. You want to learn about my background.

So, where you will find this information. Here, we have got an option to give you the information as you can see from this About us page. You could just click on this About us page and you will find all the information regarding our background and now you want to contact with me. You could find a contact form and you can find all the legal information of my site or information regarding all the contents you are looking for.

3. Add Important pages on your blog

So, this is the way how you have to make your website organized and you have to give a clear navigation process for your viewers, that was it for the first point here and then we have got important pages with content. So, what are the most important pages for a blog site to get considered by Google AdSense approval? Here, the very first page that you need is your about us page and then the second one you need is to contact us page and after that, you should have all the pages for your legal information like terms and conditions, policies e.t.c.All of these pages should contain valuable information and all of these pages should be added to your blog site to get considered by the Google AdSense monetization approval team. You can learn here how to add these pages to your blog.

4. Make your article unique

You need to have unique original high-quality articles on your blog site it doesn’t matter how many blogs post you have on your website but all of the content should be a unique original and copyright free sample. There are many people who tend to copy-paste from some other blog sites and then just paste them into their website and it doesn’t actually work like that.

Google AdSense doesn’t like this process so what you can do? You can just come up or find any relevant website and then you can read their information for example if you are interested to write a blog regarding marketing, that you can research on other similar sites and then you just point out all the information that you want to include on your blog content.

After that write an article uniquely by using the method over the information that you have but the article should be unique. Whenever you are writing blog content your readers should have a clear idea and have good information from this blog content which is running out of quality content for your blog site. You should write Unique original high-quality articles on your blog site.

5. Non copyrighted images and videos

Now another important factor you should keep in mind is non copyrighted images and videos. People love to find images or reliable videos from Google search results and from any other resources but many of the people make mistakes here. People don’t actually care about copyright issues so what they do is they just go to Google or on any other resources and download the image without the owner’s permission which is prohibited by Google AdSense policy.So, you should be careful about that before using any image content as we know images and videos are really important for getting attraction from our readers.

6. Prepare content not violating AdSense policies

There are some topics you should never ever make content on your blog. These could be adult, phonographic, sexual, or whatever it is, and then we have got you don’t write about drug and alcohol have hacking/tracking and any other illegal content should not be pushed on your blog site.

7. How many posts are required for AdSense approval?

Many people have a question regarding the number of blog posts. How much blog content should we post on a website for AdSense approval? There is no requirement for how many blogs post we should have but an ideal number of blog contents that I could recommend you to publish is at least 15 blog content on your blog site after that you can go for the Google AdSense approval process.

8. Is there an age requirement for your blog site?

Yes, there is an age requirement to get started and get monetize your blog site and that is you should be at least 18 years old but if you are not 18 years old, still you have started blogging and you want to monetize your website. Then, you could use your parent’s information like your mother, father, or brother’s email address and sign up within the Google AdSense account.


Besides all the points I have mentioned above, there are some other things you should take care of while writing a blog.

  • Like, the number of words in your blog content. There should be more than 300 words in your blog post. And it is preferable if you could write more than 700 words. But, the quality of the content should not be compromised.
  • Adding internal links in your blog with other similar contents on your website is also another important factor as it will increase your reader’s experience as they can explore other content of your blog site.
  • When you have some blog content you will start getting visitors. As a beginner, you might not get visitors on your website and Google AdSense doesn’t even have any requirement regarding that how many visitors should you have on your blog site to get your Google AdSense approval.
  • But the thing is the number of visitors doesn’t matter. What they care about is the quality of the content from your blog site. So, you should never worry about visitors get Google AdSense approval but obviously, if you want to make money you should have more visitors on your blog sites and then they will actually go to click on ads then this is the way how you will generate money. But it is not an important factor for getting Google AdSense approval.

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