Snov io: The Essential Guide to Email Marketing and CRM

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Are you tired of spending hours manually collecting and updating contact information for your email marketing campaigns? If so, then snov io is the perfect solution to help you out. This innovative CRM and email scraper service help business owners save time while providing accurate data that will boost their conversion rates! Check out our website today to learn more about this helpful tool!

What is is one of the best Marketing and sales web tools in the market, with a huge database of More than 8,000,000 Businesses & Decision Makers. It’s fully automated–you can set Snov up so it does everything for you or take control of yourself by using their drag-and-drop interface; they even offer email searches like Bulk Domain Emails & Social URLs which will help grow your contacts list quickly while staying productive at work. There are also features like Company Profile Search where users may look Up Country-Wise Industry data on any company found within our extensive listings.

Supported Languages

English, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified)

It’s free to signup for an account and uses the website, but you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans if you want more features. You can choose a paid plan on a monthly or yearly basis at your convenience. The paid plan starts with $33/month (billed annually)and all plans offer the full features with a full email search limit, but the premium plan offers unlimited searches.

It also provides great customer service, they are active on Twitter and Facebook, you can ask them questions via Twitter or their Community Forums. They also have instant chat support like other tools, I found their reply rate to be pretty impressive. They also offer Live Webinars every now and then where they usually feature new features like their recent integration with Mailchimp, Google Analytics & many more.

Snov – A powerful tool that can help you Search Emails & Find People

Snov is great for email leads generation and finding people, it has a very powerful search engine that searches billions of records every day. It may take some time to find what you’re looking for if you have a large list but its worth the effort! They also have a filter feature that helps sort your results. It finds contact info from 40+ different sources so you’ll a lot of results to work on, though this also means you’ll have a lot of duplicate results.

Snov Pricing

Snov price is the most affordable and reasonable of all email scrapers and CRM software available in the market. It delivers more functions at a lower cost than any other product on the market.

Snovio’s pricing starts at $33 per month for 1,000 credits. Users can get access to Gmail and G Suite lists up to 200 contacts free of charge. Premium plans allow purchasers to buy up to 100,000 credits or contacts per month and add LinkedIn and Salesforce data into their lists. All plans come with a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

email markting with snov io pricing

Features of is a great platform that has many features that can help you in your work. One of their most remarkable features is bulk domain emails and social URLs, which can help find contacts to grow your list. Another feature is company profile search, through which one can find country-wise data on a company by a certain name. It also provides great customer service and has a lot of online resources to really get the job done. Snovio’s main features include:

Snov io Chrome Extension also provides an email tracker Chrome extension that allows users to “Live Search” people or businesses on their Google page using the Live Snov word search engine. The idea behind the extension is to help users find potential leads for their business who are currently online, while they are doing other tasks. With Snov io email tracker, you can find emails of the prospects with the help of Google Chrome extension.

Email Verification Tool

Another great feature of Snov is the email verification tool. This tool helps to verify your contact emails and filter it which helps to decrease the bounce rate. It also verifies the email addresses of your leads and customers.

Email Research

With Snovio’s bulk email lookup tool, you can search through unlimited emails of people across multiple platforms at once. This saves your time and money because you don’t need to buy them one by one. It includes other features that allow you to link all accounts together, import contacts from file, expand lists with the help of data enrichment option, etc.

Email Sender

Here you can send personalized emails to an unlimited number of recipients with Snovio’s email software. Snovio also provides SMS alerts, tracking the performance of your campaigns, advanced bounce management options, etc.


This feature allows users to save contact information in one place and gives access to most essential marketing tools for communication with leads. This way you can stay up-to-date with all existing client data.

Snovio Marketplace

This is a great opportunity to buy new users’ emails with big discounts, as well as to sell the lists of contacts you have on your own. This function allows suppliers and customers to communicate privately without an additional fee being applied.

Snovio is known for its simplicity and easy-to-use interface. This email scraping tool is flexible enough to meet the requirements of both beginners and advanced users, which makes it a reliable solution for various teams and businesses.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of all your email marketing problems, Snovio has the solution in its full package. Whether you are looking for cheap email lists or need an ERP tool to manage your leads, Snovio has it all.

Overall, Snov is an amazing tool that can help you in a lot of ways. It’s great for finding potential leads, verifying emails and growing your list quickly. They offer great customer service and have a lot of online resources to help get the job done. I highly recommend using Snov for all your email lead generation needs!


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