Basic Link Building Strategies for Startups [2022]

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Why is Link Building Important?

Whether you are new to link building or have been doing this for some time, we are sure you will find something useful in this guide. There have been a lot of changes in the link-building strategies. As per time backlinks have become an essential factor for rankings, the importance of building high-quality links has never been higher than today. High-quality campaigns need to be understood and implemented if you are to compete and prosper online, and that will not change anytime soon. This guide is designed to get you moving fast and in the right direction.

Strategies for running a Link Building Campaign

  1. Before we get into these, there are a few things to consider. One of the most important is what the focus of your site is? Are you selling goods or services? Are you promoting affiliate products or simply trying to get visitors to your site for advertising purposes?
  2. Another important factor is to bear in mind how many people are visiting your site. Google Analytics and Google gauge the number of site visitors by looking at your site’s bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate, the lower are the number of visitors. Use Google Analytics to check bounce rates across various geographic locations as well to keep link building within your budget in mind.
  3. The last factor we will be discussing is repository hosting. If you are a novice, making your first link-building attempt at yourself is not to be recommended. It is better to instead consider a small group of reputable directories and press releases, where you could manage the listings yourself, settle for a short period of time, and then focus on important directories that you much higher in the search engine results.
  4. Before you begin, you should try to ascertain the reputation of the particular page where you plan to post your links. When evaluating a potential link, you should check out how many people actually visit the web directory that contains your link. If few if not none, you’re probably not going to get much traffic from it. The site must also not be a link farm as links from such sites are reduced in value by Google’s algorithm.
  5. The next link-building strategy is to link from your site to a relevant and similar site. This requires guest blogging to be successful. For instance, if you are a Masters of Commerce site, you should approach other similar Commerce sites across the web and try to establish a relationship with them to be able to link back to your site. This is most commonly the case if the Commerce sites you are guesting on have a Commerce home page.

When evaluating the value of a page, Google takes into consideration the amount of traffic that is directed from the link to your site. This is commonly measured with Analytics. If there is a sudden drop in traffic from a site, you can run a red flag and investigate to find out why.


How Google ranks your site?

Google uses a link analysis algorithm to rank your website for keywords. So, how do you tell whether your search engine optimization is looking good?

 Keyword niche

It can be assumed that if you are targeting a certain keyword phrase that your website should be optimized towards, but remember to stay within that particular keyword niche. Top search engine rankings are not always necessary, especially if you are targeting highly competitive keywords.

D wide really

A “d wide really” is basically the same as the previous “headings” but can be used for a wider range of search results. These are the anchor text links used to rank well for the terms you’re targeting. It’s best if you avoid using them for a number of reasons. D wide really are not as relevant as they used to be in the eyes of Google. There are good reasons for this too.

Title tags

The title tag will be the most important tag for Google to examine. Don’t pile in your keywords here, as they are used by many other search engines, but only the most relevant show up in the Google search results.

Heading tags

The other important factor is the heading tags. Now, the different parts of a web page don’t all get the same importance as they used to. The main heading (the h1 tag) is given a lot more weight than the smaller text, so if you have a list of services on one page, then your main heading should probably be the first thing that pops. However, the little text “a few times” should not be ignored.The going SEO will tell you that the Meta tags don’t have the same impact as they once did, but they still matter. For the most part, they shouldn’t be abused, but like the heading tags, don’t go crazy and stuff your keywords into them either. For example, if you’re doing an article about how to get traffic to your site from the search engines, don’t fill every sentence with a sky full of keywords. Every relevant sentence with a new keyword using the headline as the main point. The point here is that relevant sentences should be used and that heading tags should be used only when appropriate.

Link Optimization

Do you know the value of link optimization? Link popularity is really the best way for Google to determine the value of your website. If you have a lot of different domain links to your site, that means Google sees your website as being Decision ready. It’s a sign that your site is relevant and important. Links are the networks of any website; the more links, the more relevant your website will seem in Google’s eyes.

What you should know about the “no-follow” attribute

Do you know what kind of elements make up a no-follow attribute? They include page and directory names, whereas a no-follow attribute is used to prevent Google from following a page. Reciprocal links and links that have been made in Return considering the type of website will have the no-follow attribute added. 

No-follow doesn’t eliminate all mentions of your website, it just gives Google time to identify where the link came from before it passes it on to the requester. It’s a definite time-saving method, and Google knows how to identify solicitations of a no-follow attribute, and they will be penalizing websites that utilize it. Not only should you avoid putting a no-follow tag on your website, but you should also tell all your contractors not to use it. Here, you can see the assumptions made by Google,

It takes time to track down and report on your web site’s ranking standing, and there are many other facets of engine optimization that you can use to keep your online business moving forward, but a website with good search engine results is the most important piece of real estate you own on the internet. As you can see, understanding how search engines analyze your website can help you to optimize your site for the best possible results.Search engines have become a vital source of consumers and potential customers looking for goods and services that your business provides. It is important that you optimize your website by using strong search engine optimization techniques that will result in you receiving more website visitors that convert into sales. Search For Submissions Some Search Engines, such as Google, have limitations on the number of submissions that can be submitted.

How you can build backlinks?

SEO experts have agreed that link building is the hardest part of SEO. Even though there are some methods that you can build backlinks for your website. I’ll explain all of those in my next article in detail. Here, I am sharing some easy-to-make Backlinks methods in brief. However, you should be careful enough not to make your website spammy.

  1. Directories
  2. Forums
  3. Blog Comments
  4. Q and A
  5. Yahoo Answers
  6. Social Bookmarks

Techniques for Link Building

With changes in time, Google brings up different strategies to figure out the spammy link-building strategies. And for countering it SEO experts tries to find a loop for the shortcuts. Just like playing games of thieves and cops. I, ve explained the easy to make backlinks strategies above where you can make backlinks for your sites. But before that, you should be aware enough of the terms and conditions of sites where you are submitting your links. Otherwise, you may be increasing the spam score of your site. Let’s discuss the common strategies which are in fire in 2021. They are:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Tier Based Link Building
  3. Broken Link building
  4. PBN

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one the oldest methods of link building, hence it is used in common days too. Google doesn’t like links generated from guest posting, still it can be useful if you are guest posting with proper awareness. Many SEO experts agree that the days of guest posting has gone. But, guest posting can still give you results if you consider following things in your mind while guest posting,avoid guest posting on those sites which easily offer for guest posting. Like you can find “write for us” option on their menus or footer,Avoid Paid Guest Posting

Tier Based Link Building

Tier Based Link Building is the most trending link building strategy followed by Link Builders. As the experts were in a rush to build backlinks, they tried everything that could possibly gain backlinks but Google started penalizing the sites which was gaining the most spammy links.To avoid penalties from Google, Link builders started building links in a tier-based format where they were not linking directly to their main site or say money site. All the links are landed on the tier 1 sites liberating the link builders to make all the spammy links on it. Google will crawl the Tier 1 sites may penalize it being spammy but the money site remains safe and getting refined links from the Tier 1 sites.

Tier based Link Building

Source: Image Presented by RankClub

Broken Link Building

It is one of the finest ways of building links. It is simple but needs effort. Here we normally find the websites or a blog relevant to our niche and who has the broken links or 404 errors on their page. We write a blog or content and request them to link their broken links to our content. This helps them to fix their broken links where on the other side creates an opportunity to place our links to their site. So, this is a win-win process for both.


Finally, we are on PBN now!Yeah! everyone is saying PBN for backlinks, PBN for backlinks !!But, does it worth saying that?PBN or say Private Blog Network is not that easy as it sounds to be. It is very complicated and needs a lot of attention. After a long testing and practice, the PBN setup can be done, still, the risk of getting penalized by Google remains at the top. Google consistently changing its algorithms and terms to avoid the spammy links that it categorizes as the black hat strategies.  Many SEO experts suggest not to follow black hat strategies like PBNS  where the Google penguin algorithms can detect the links gained by PBN setups. So, PBN may be useful for a short-term basis but in long term, it’s sure to be caught by the Big G and I am sure you will not like that.


link building resonates with webmasters and SEO experts because many sites redirect their internal links. For this reason, when you are flagging your links, ensure that the destination page has an anchor worth one or two clicks away from your targeted page. After the tips above, you should have an idea as to how to flag your links. Next, learn how to spend your time wisely by planning your link-building strategy and be rewarded with higher traffic and improved search engine rankings. Getting Backlinks to need a lot of effort and patience. It needs time and practice. We have been testing different methods for building backlinks. And with lots of mistakes and learnings, we have been able to make a perfect road map for building links. So, if you want to build strong backlinks for your site we are here to help you.

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